Off topic, first off – I’ve reconciled with my older sister after 16 years of not talking to each other.  I got this message from her yesterday:


Back on topic :

it isn’t politically correct today to say someone is in hell, neither is it politically correct to say someone is hell-bound.  In these politically correct times we’re living in, absolutely no-one lands up in hell (according to their beliefs), especially if they profess religiosity in some shape or form.  In this post I’m specifically referring to those of the “they loved Jesus” persuasion, hence “they are in heaven now, good people who are angels, looking down on their friends/relatives, smiling, at peace….”  No-one wants to admit that it could well be the opposite…..

A few months ago I had dealings with people of a certain “christian” persuasion, folk who I personally liken to those the Apostle Paul encountered, the ones who prayed to or who worshipped THE UNKNOWN GOD (Acts 17).  They do not know Him, because if they did, they would believe the gospel of 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 alone for their salvation and be followers of the Apostle Paul as he was a follower of the ascended Christ.  Followers of Christ according to the revelation of the mystery (Romans 16:25-27).

I liken and am totally convinced that their so-called church buildings are nothing other than heathen temples, like the one to the goddess Diana mentioned in Acts 19.  There is nothing Christian about mainline, institutionalised denominationalism.  They worship another Jesus and are totally devoid of the gospel that saves men’s eternal souls.

These temples have altars, and those who frequent them are highly superstitious.  These people believe that one’s words have power over one’s life (word of faith), they “talk things into existence”.  The times I was reprimanded for being “negative” – I’ve lost count of.  My tail feathers were permanently ruffled when I sat in a Pentecostal heathen temple.  “How dare you tell me I am negative when it’s quite obvious you are totally out of touch with reality”.

The goddess Diana as mentioned in Acts 19, was the goddess of the hunt, the moon and nature.  What does mainline, institutionalised, denominational “christianity” do?   They predict the annual occurrence of Easter (Ishtar), one of their major pagan/heathen celebrations by the phases of the moon.

What do they also believe?  In climate change – nature, under the ruse of being “good stewards, protecting God’s creation until His kingdom comes to fruition”.  Show me ONE denomination who doesn’t uphold the theory of climate change.  They all fall in line with the wordly status quo.

I recall sitting in a heathen Pentecostal temple many years ago and the preacher said that the Roman Catholics had it right when they venerated Mary to god-like status, and that we would do will in doing the same.   Diana was known as the VIRGIN goddess of chidlbirth and women.  So does it come as any surprise that women in heathen denominational temples are venerated to Pastoral status?  Joyce Meyer anyone?

The tragedy of it all is that mainline, institutionalised, denominational ‘christianity IS seen as fundamental christianity today.  The name and the belief system has been hijacked, wrested out of context and is totally warped, it is like any other religion out there – it upholds a performance based  set of beliefs.  It is all about YOU, what YOU can achieve, what YOU can do – all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  YOU become a god and YOU decide and choose how YOUR EARTHLY LIFE  will be.  It’s not eternity minded, it is fleshly minded.

Heathens, with the help of the god of this world have hijacked Christianity. It is heathens who are telling people to repent of their sin, it is heathens telling people to change their lifestyles in order to be acceptable to the unknown God, it is heathens telling people to love Jesus (who is another Jesus), it is heathens who are telling people to tithe in order to make a living and be “blessed” – all in the name of Christ.

Anyway, back to the fact that I had dealings with so-called christians of a certain denominational persuasion, whose gospel is “love Jesus” and “be kind, fellowship with people of the same persuasion” in order to gain salvation, as well as to maintain it.   This is done purely to gain the world’s acceptance, to prove that you ARE saved and on the right road to MAINTAINING your “salvation”.

There was a woman by the name of Janet who was 48 years old, an ex drug addict so-called, obviously not saved.   Suffered from bipolar disorder.   I tried my best to be this woman’s friend in order to preach the gospel to her for her to be saved, but her associations and ties got in the way.    It’s a tragic story.   She tried to get out of the negative circumstances she had created for herself, but went from a bad to worse, or actually maintained the same spiritual status.   She was told to love Jesus and be a good person.  She died unexpectedly on Sunday morning.  For months she had been complaining about a hiatus hernia, but it was ignored and put down to  being inconsequential.   Who would’ve thought that at 48 she would’ve died?  That’s the mistake we all make, “she’s young, she’s got a good few more years to be saved.”  Big mistake.   Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone.

Anyway, this woman turned her back on me, I became persona non-grata in her books, she blatantly ignored me and saw me as the enemy.   I often wonder what she must be thinking now, yes, because she is still alive, but in the wrong place, and she has come to the realisation that she was fleeced and lied to.   Janet claimed she had a discerning spirit.  But she now realises it was all a lie.

Her mentor’s words were :  “R.I.P Janet……..”

But the bible tells  me Janet isn’t resting in peace.  One only has to read Luke 16 to verify this.   It gives us a look into the holding cell of hell, I call it a holding cell because its inmates are awaiting judgment, whereafter they will spend eternity in the Lake of Fire.   It is described as being hot,  the rich man is thirsty, he is suffering, and he wants to be released in order to tell his family that what they believe is wrong and will land up in the same predicament as him.

R.I.P is for the living, not the dead, so are tombstones and obituaries, they are there to make the living feel good about their loved ones death.

People do not realise that when they die (of natural causes) or commit suicide and they do not believe the gospel, they will be exchanging an average of 80 years of suffering on this earth for suffering that lasts for eternity.

Logic :

Would you trade an average of 80 years of suffering on this earth for an eternity of suffering, being separated from God instead of trusting Christ’s payment for your sins and living in eternal glory, being reconciled to God?

Don’t let your pride, ignorance and “preacher” stand in your way.  These things won’t be able to get you out of hell one day.  The choice/decision you make TODAY about believing the gospel of Christ will decide where you spend eternity.


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