Elements of Salvation

Element : an essential or characteristic part of something abstract.

Abstract : existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence.

Our salvation at this moment on this earth (while we are still in our physical bodies) doesn’t exist FOR ALL TO SEE – in other words, you cannot discern a saved person from an unsaved person by just looking at him/her, it (salvation) doesn’t change our physical bodies/characteristics purely for the reason that our spirits (innermen) are saved and we are hid in Christ.

What is salvation made up of?

Justification – you are declared holy in the eyes of God.

Sanctification – you are set-apart from this world.

Redemption – your sin debt has been cleared, thanks to (your faith in) Christ’s payment for your sins.

Reconciliation – you are no longer His enemy.

For confirmation of the elements of justification – read the book of Romans, it tells you what the end-results are of your faith are in Christ’s finished work on Calvary’s cross and His resurrection.

Salvation is 100% faith in Christ’s payment for our sins.  Since we had the status of totally depraved men and women in our UNSAVED state, we are unable to do anything in order to please a holy, righteous God.    So there is nothing one can do to save or assist in saving themselves.

It doesn’t take an entire curriculum of beating a dead horse to death? to grasp the fact that after one is saved, one needs to grow and advance the saved innerman, which can only be done by rightly dividing the word of truth and not tying oneself to one’s flesh or this world.

If you are still glued to the issues of this world, like politics, social causes, climate change, celebrating pagan festivals (under the ruse of having liberty in Christ), etc as opposed to getting people saved and saints edified – you still have a pacifier in your mouth and are crawling along and being fed spiritual excrement by so-called “sound” preachers and teachers who get most of their “sound” teachings from denominationalism.

The anally retentive teaching of “behave or else” – it’s like someone holding a shotgun to your head, scoring your behaviour every 5 seconds – “ooo0oh guess who just missed out on a reward……”.  Seriously?  We are all only human – we goof up, we have bad days, people annoy us.  We try the best we can.  Paul called it a race, not an immediate arrival of elitists who sit on the sidelines (who think they’re perfect) and therefore can judge others for simply, “not getting it”, who have a tendency to proof-text,  hold their noses up in the air, coddle their (rotten) flesh, can’t read (simple) English, are the self-elected purveyors of English punctuation (“I’m the leader, therefore I say what that colon means….”).

Elitist.  And it shows.   Remind you of denominationalists?  Yep.  “Oh, I am so blessed, I’m not like you, you’re riff-raff, I’ve taken the special curriculum and I’ll be sitting with a golden crown on my head one day, bossing you riff-raff around because you didn’t study the special curriculum which was a 100 hours of pure drivel.  I always know how to behave, and what to say, so I don’t heed what anyone else says because I’ve arrived after 1 year and seven days – I’ve completed the race.  I’m sooo special.  I am…. a joint-heir with Christ.  How do I know that?  because of what…………… Christ did?  No, because of what I did – I am such a gooood person.  Me, myself and I.  I’ve elected myself as a joint-heir with Christ.  I am suffering………. to get into that bikini.”

Dude, hell would rather freeze over before I walk in public half-naked with men leering at me.  That is so………… cheap?

So dude, tell me, why are you still breathing then?  Surely if you’ve completed the race and have “arrived” you wouldn’t be breathing in your human body AND still be on this planet – after all, you’re perfect.   Oh, I forget, your master’s degree in perfection (which is the next level in perfection) is now to look fabulous in a bikini.  LOL.   (*Meow*).

Mutton dressed as lamb.  Clinging onto your fading flesh like most hollywood “stars” do.  Pathetic.  “I’m all botoxed up…. my lips are so thick, I lisp, now ain’t that cute”.

There is nothing more annoying and nothing that makes one face palm the heck out of oneself than an elitist self-righteous, half-baked, proof-texting ignoramus who is blind and deaf too.  “I’ve arrived, so what anyone else has to say, doesn’t matter, because on the high level I’m currently on, I have a higher calling….”   And they don’t have a cooking clue that all members of the body of Christ have a higher calling than those in the flesh who inhabit this earth whose calling is “vote for so-and-so” and “save the planet”.  “Voting for so-and-so will make this world a better place”.   Then after 2, 3 years there’s still no change and they’re all still squealing like stuffed pigs because so-and-so lied to them after making certain pre-election promises.   Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Hey, did you ever consider that the reason why politics shouldn’t be your forte?  Because they are all members of the illuminati, blah, blah, blah?  No, because as a member of the body of Christ you aren’t a citizen of this world.   You do not get caught up with the affairs of this (satanic, evil world).

So tell me again why I don’t take you seriously?





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