I’ll be frank (no my name isn’t Frank…)

The skewed logical of denominationalism prevails:

*It’s what goes into the body (foodwise and topically on the skin) that makes the body (flesh) a good temple of the Holy Ghost.  White teeth are a sign that your temple is good, you’re going to get a reward for it in heaven…. said the Apostle Paul never.

*It’s what comes out of the mind (irrespective of what it has been fed) that makes one a good christian.

When the Apostle Paul refers to our flesh/our physical bodies as being a temple of the Holy Spirit he says it in relation to sexual misconduct, i.e., perversion and fornication, he never says it in relation to organic food or having a food neurosis of sorts.

I’m not quoting scripture – it’s by time you went and looked these things up for yourself and confirmed them.

It is how you mortify your flesh – subdue it or discipline it in relation to fornication or other sexual misconduct BECAUSE it is the temple of the Holy Spirit.  All food today is considered good if received with……….. thanks, keeping in mind that people do have preferences.  No brussels sprouts for me……… thank yew.

The irony of the matter is that those who profess to look after their bodies and eat healthy because it is the temple of the Holy Spirit are the very same folk who commit fornication (sex before marriage) then run around trying to justify those very deeds in the flesh.

Okay, so if it wasn’t/isn’t wrong, then why are you trying to justify it by telling everyone you’re “in a relationship” or you’re going to get married anyway?  Some will even go to the extent that being married isn’t standing in front of a preacher/a licensed marriage officer,  but that you can make up your own private vows and be married “without the world” or anyone being privy to the fact.

That’s their (silly) logic.  Quickly make something up while quaffing organic ginger and carrot juice.  So, okay, then how does anyone know you were married – no witnesses?  So who will be able to tell whether you’re divorced or not or that your children are legitimate.  Oh, how can we believe it?  And what rights do you have in this world as a married person?  Uh let’s see…………. time to take ye olde brain out of the freezer………..

These are the same folk who “study” their way through various preachers/teachers (flavour of the month) videos and audios, absorb the biggest load of trite one can imagine, then profess with the other side of their forked tongue that they’re “joint-heirs with Christ”, but are unable to discern between unsaved men in Romans 1 and saved men in Paul’s prison epistles.  Same people who are always running around trying to find a new thing, people who find the gospel of 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 to be total foolishness, people who believe Paul speaks of two types of salvation – one of the spirit, and the other of the flesh.

God does number one (saves you in the flesh by way of Romans 3, telling you in Romans 3:25 you have remission of your sins……..)  and then, you do number two all by ye little olde self, therefore, 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 saves you in your flesh (only), why? because the Apostle Paul mentions it to people who have already been saved in their spirit and now need to be saved in their flesh by believing how that Christ died, was buried and rose again on the third day for their (fleshly) justification………

Same folk believe the gospel to be “saved by the blood”, omitting Christ’s burial and resurrection – just as the Corinthians did – that’s the irony of the whole situation, but they are blind to the fact.   They are the very Corinthians Paul had issues with.

Hence the reason why they have to split justification and sanctification and also believe the entire world which consists of Christ deniers, Christ haters, atheists, sinners – are all reconciled to God because they cannot make head nor tail of 2 Corinthians 15.

Yes, chop it all up (justification and sanctification) and then some of them have the “intelligent” knack of having RECONCILED (past tense) a world of sinners (when Paul specifically uses the word RECONCILING – present tense) to a holy, righteous God.  ???  Beam me up, there’s no intelligent life down here – one of the reasons I’d love to opt out of this world – it’s tough being surrounded by knuckleheads.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch the same goofy tin foil hat specialists are trying to convince everyone the (obviously) wicked, evil world is (obviously) run by wicked, evil stooges, who ironically they also vote for hehehe, and conveniently forget about the subtle more prevalent evil standing behind the pulpits of so-called christian churches who make people believe they’re on their way to heaven when in fact they’re not…… some even confess that these folk are actually saved and that it’s just that they lack the ability/knowledge to rightly divide…….   makes you think, doesn’t it?

Saw a sign outside a restaurant the other day, it said:

“America and Britain are in competition to see who can mess up their countries the most, currently Britain is ahead, but America has the trump card.

People, if you don’t realise it – the world is in a total and utter mess (and that’s an understatement) – it has no redeeming qualities.  No politician  will be able to make it better, he/she will just fleece you in a different and more *spectacular* way.  When I listen to Donald Trump and his Caitlyn Jenner look-alike wife, I can’t help but shake my head.  Would she really be his wife if he had no money and looked the way he does?  Donald is on a power trip of sorts.

Sound logic tells me that as a saved person, my body (of flesh) is the temple of the Holy Spirit and therefore I need to respect the fact and not commit any sexual misdeeds in order not to grieve the Holy Spirit.  All food is good for the body – if accepted/received with thanks.  All animals are considered good in this dispensation.  If the illuminati are trying to kill you by “doctoring the food” and you’re saved – well hey!  be my guest!  Unshackle me from the chains of this present evil world.   Bring on the GMO and preservative laced, MSG coated beef chow mein and let me enjoy.  I bet those who are starving won’t say no either.

It is my thought that some people need to be taken out of their cushy first world environments and be left in the heart of Africa or Asia to experience the suffering of the poor – to feel what it’s really like not to have enough food to eat.

Sound logic tells me that what goes into my mind will be the deciding factor of what comes out of it – whether it is renewed or not.  Dung in, dung out.  If I absorb garbage, I will speak garbage, I will think garbage and I will believe and propagate garbage, even under the ruse of sound Pauline doctrine.

The secret lies not in organic foods to keep my (vile) body healthy, the secret lies in absorbing sound (organic) Pauline doctrine rightly divided in order to keep my mind healthy, and so renew it, and when it is renewed it will help in controlling, subduing and disciplining my vile body.

But alas, one can talk until the cows come home – it won’t make a dent in the thick skull of some because they have a special spiritual status after all – of their own doing.

Question :  How do you know you’ve gained joint-heirship with Christ?

Because you’ve studied a man-made curriculum?

Because you actually believe the garbage fed to you?

Because you are adamant in saving your (vile) flesh which will one day be destroyed?

Good works in this current dispensation include believing sound Pauline doctrine, preaching the gospel of Christ and edifying saints.

It’s not having organic cookies and tea with the ladies and talking about your cooking and baking.


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