What can I say?

Right now, I must be the happiest chappie this side of the equator, not to mention the entire world πŸ™‚

I posted my article about times past, but now and times to come on my Facebook page which included the fact that today we are to believe the gospel of Christ (1 Corinthians 15:1-4) and that there’s no self-reliance whatsoever when it comes to salvation and that justification is purely by our faith in said gospel alone- and I got this reply from my sister :
“Now that I have focused on it and read it clearly to myself it makes a lot of sense”.

What can I say? Brains seem to run in the family πŸ˜‰ I can’t be the only member of my family that is heaven bound – I need company πŸ˜‰ Out of eight siblings, of which I am the youngest, six girls and two boys (shame), 20 grandchildren and _ great grandchildren, surely I cannot be the only one who believes in the gospel of Christ. I come from a huge family – but I don’t go around boasting about it because I’m an adult who respects the feelings of others who may have been rejected by their family. Normal people with feelings (nerve-endings) respect the feelings of others – oh, there’s that word – NORMAL. Okay, I don’t have a disease called normal, but I’m not SUPERFICIAL.

My family is very artistic – they are/were painters, musicians – creative people, that means a large proportion of them are/were bipolar which makes them/made them very competitive, “go-getters”. I must be the least creative member of my family – I can paint/draw, and I used to – my forte was abstract art, but I don’t have the need to prove myself through my paintings/drawings anymore, instead, I love playing/using words to make my point. Of all the women in my family, I’m the one who is least inclined to cook because I simply don’t have the patience – I eventually grow bored with the preparation and lose interest. I used to love gardening, but I don’t do that anymore either because of the sun – my skin is too fair and too sensitive.

My paternal grandparents and their parents were farmers, so “green fingers” run in the family – my interest used to be in growing herbs. I remember, I used to have countless books on herbs – how to grow them, what they could be used for – cooking, baking, medicinal purposes, etc.
I get excited by people with intelligence who read biblical-dispensational truth and believe it. It’s this that drives me and gives me the utmost pleasure nowadays, but then I read some Mid-Acts Dispensationalists’ post expecting the same, but each time I am disappointed. Aren’t Mid-Acts Dispensationalists supposed to be the peculiar people of this age we live in? Aren’t we supposed to be the light unto the world too?

What they post is almost the same, if not exactly the same as religionists and those who conform to the world. Then they think I’m the one who is totally nuts? Why aren’t their mindsets altered to suit their beliefs? It makes you athink, doesn’t it?

I’m totally stumped by the fact that those who should know better are under the impression that Mr Trump’s success is God’s will. That totally floored me. A man who is an unbeliever, who has had three wives, who isn’t exactly an angel by all acconts – is chosen by God to lead America – who by the way is the chosen of God because she blesses Israel………. that’s what it boils down to, isn’t it? Mid-Acts Dispensational Denominationalists who adhere to a perverted Bible versions and who so happen to sustain the Berean Bible? Society. SUPERFICIAL.

Mark them and avoid them? No, kiss and hug them and associate with them. Is there anyone with an iota worth’s of intelligence out there today, or has everyone succumbed to anal political correctness where we dare not “divide the body of Christ”, who by the way is actually already divided by heresies.

Has anyone actually researched how Mr Trump’s policies will affect the world, especially the Middle East? No they haven’t. And that’s what you get when you have imbeciles voting who are clearly attached to this world. “We did it”, but it’s “God’s will”. Dudes, make up your minds – it cannot be both, and if you’re blaming God for Trump’s success, you are ignorant to the fact that you’re committing blasphemy. Just as your car/truck has Jesus driving said car, so God put Mr Trump into place of a clearly heathen Gentile nation. I don’t think so. God isn’t dealing with nations today, remember? But He’s conveniently dealing with the chosen nation of America today when it suits you and your worldly agenda.

People are weird, or should I say absolutely bonkers. They can’t see their own contradictions, especially those who profess to be followers of the Apostle Paul.
Dudes, did you ever hear the Apostle Paul picking up the political cudgels to bring down the Roman Emporer? Find me ONE verse in Paul’s epistles that refers to politics.

You guys are crazy. You all need to hop on a plane or a boat and visit rural Africa and Asia for a few months to get things into perspective and to realise how the REAL world exists without your organic food, your comfy western lifestyles and your first world mentalities, not to mention your screwed up politicians.

Quit the regional thinking/mindset and get real.

I don’t care if you call me an African, because that’s what I am, albeit one with a lily white skin – if I had to return to Europe they’d have to split me into several pieces – one piece would go to Lancashire, the piece to Holland, the other to Italy, the other piece to France, and two tiny bits would go to Eire and Scotland respectively, I don’t belong in any one of these places because my conversation is in heaven…… now there’s a thought.

Oh, and for the Grammar Police – you need your entertainment as well, hence I left all the typo’s and grammatical errors in tact just for you.

Have a super wonderful day. Β I’m off to bed.


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