If you continually feel that you are being persecuted when you read my blog, you need to grow a thick skin.

If you continually feel insulted when you read my blog, you need to grow a thick skin.

If you continually feel I’m (personally) talking about you, you need to grow a thick skin.

If I mention you by name or you’re a tin foil hat specialist or you’re a purveyor of unsound doctrine, yes, then I’m referring to you – then you need to deal with it.

Mid-Acts Pauline Right Division Dispensationalism isn’t for political correct bunny hugging, tree loving, tin foil hat specialists who are under the impression that God works personally in their every day lives, i.e., He micro-manages your life to the minutest detail.

God only works in peoples’ lives dispensationally.  Hence His will for your life today is that you are saved and come to the knowledge of the truth.

If you want to write about me and gossip about me and send your “henchmen” to my blog to “sort me out” – you’re welcome, just know that I don’t have time for self-proclaimed victims, self-elected “grace” ministers and self-appointed deaf and blind purveyors of dung.

This is a politically incorrect zone.  If you need someone to talk  to and who will listen to your OTT canker, take your theories to Dispensational 101, Richard Jordan, Northern California or Tennessee where they will take the time to listen  and pour you a nice cup of coffee.

PS :  It would be appreciated if you could stop calling yourself “Paul” or a “Mid-Acts Dispensationalist” because (a) you aren’t Paul, you will never be Paul and (b) You will never be a Mid-Acts Dispensationalist until you grow a spine (and a thick skin) and stop playing the denominational victim.

I know that sounds rather harsh to any bunny hugging, tree loving tin foil hat specialist – but seriously, you are supposed to be a soldier and soldiers don’t run to their “mommies” to fight their battles.   That’s one major thing that’s wrong with this world today – no-0ne can fight their own battles – they always have their “friends” or “(self-elected) preachers” fighting their battles for them, hence the reason they never learn because everything, including “studying” is handed to them on a silver platter, which gives them free time to find husbands/wives……….no actually……….. it’s God who finds them husbands/wives/jobs/fill in the blank.

It’s not only inane, it’s asinine.

The picture I get in my mind when saying that is one of Cleopatra/Mark Anthony lying back and having all these servants running around at their every wish, their beck and call, “Your majesty this is what 1 Timothy 2:4 means”, “Your majesty….. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 isn’t the gospel that saves men’s souls today”

Time to grow vertically in two ways :  Up and obtain a spine, and stop playing the denominationalist victim who “suffers” because you are childish, politically correct, have a thin skin, don’t think for yourself and are lazy.  “Oh Ryan, Ryan, what does “God winked at people in times past mean?”

I will not give you the time of day (a voice on this blog) until you turn from unbelief to belief in the gospel of 1 Corinthians 15:1-4.







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