Put Christ back into ChristMASS?

Does anyone know what Mass means according to Catholic tradition?

Black mass.  Does anyone out there research these things, or do they fall in line with the herd and believe anything/everything that is “thrown their way”?

Why put Christ back into MASS if He wasn’t there in the first place?






Couldn’t be bothered to research the truth.

Christ wasn’t born in December.

Nor do we celebrate His birth for that matter.


Because logic tells me His birth was for Israel, to become their Messiah (King), to be King of the (earthly) millennial Kingdom.  The promised Kingdom to Israel.  For Israel to repent of her apostasy and accept Him as Messiah and bring in the earthly kingdom as promised to them in the Old Covenant.

Are you Israel?


So where are you in the Bible then?

Have you researched/studied these things?


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