I never knew this. Interesting.

The 10 stages of genocide are:

1.Classification – Ethnicity, race, religion, nationality.

2.Symbolisation – Examples :  The yellow stars for Jews under Nazi rule.

3.Discrimination – The use of political power or the law to deny rights to the persecuted people in question as per point 1.

4.Dehumanization – Downgrading and treating the persecuted to 2nd class citizens, likening them to insects, animals or diseases.  The Nazis referred to the Jews as pigs and made lamp shades and other items from their skin – that’s what one would do with animal skin.

5.Organization – State, milititias, terrorists, police are trained to murder people of ethnicity, race, religion and nationality in this instance.  ISIS is a good example, the Nazi army another, we can also see who organised and carried out the genocide in Rwanda.

6. Polarization – The preaching and broadcasting of propaganda.  Hitler incited the Germans against the Jews by stating that they were the reason German’s economy at that time was in a state of collapse and dissaray.  Moderates are intimidated to remain silent  about what is happening – now ain’t that the truth.   They also indoctrinate people with fear.

7. Preparation – The solution, or “final solution” is planned, how to “dispose of the problem” – they build concentration camps, gas chambers, buy guillotines, arms, ammunition, etc.

8. Persecution – Victims are identified and separated, death lists are drawn up, they are forced to wear symbols or clothing to identify them, they are segregated, jailed or starved to death.

9. Extermination – Legalised mass killing (by the state or terrorist group) is implemented.

10. Denial – During WWII there were rumours of the Nazi gas chambers, ovens and concentration camps, but the Nazis denied it.  Today there are those who still deny the holocaust.

With the state the world is in today, would you risk suffering persecution and a life of hell on this earth only to suffer again for eternity because you aren’t saved?

God’s wrath is real.  Hell is real.  Romans 1:18, Colossians 3:6, Revelation 21:8, 2 Thessalonians 1:9

The solution to obtain eternal life, reconciled to Almighty God : 1 Corinthians 15:1- 4




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