Facebook is a doctrinal mess (like I didn’t know)

You encounter the good, the bad and the ugly of doctrine on Facebook,, it’s the place where people advertise both their inanity and their ignorance, what they’ve had for supper, where they’ve gone for supper/lunch/breakfast, who their friends are, who is related to them, how much they don’t know, how little they do know, who is pregnant, who is having a relationship, who broke up with whom (for all the world to see), how much they love whoever/one another, who is having an affair (or perhaps not) my, they even copy and paste long, important sounding terms to make themselves look intelligent and feel significant.

I’ve come across enough pretenders on Fakebook to realise that all isn’t what it seems.  I’m not sure how people do it, but pretending seems to be the in thing.

If the doctrine wasn’t akin to a fruit cake that contained nuts, one would have to suffer the complete inanity of the tin foil hat specialists that abound on Facebook, I guess one could call that a a fruit cake with extra nuts.  How do you like your fruit cake?  Nutty or extra nutty?

Makes one wonder what they did before Facebook was invented lol.  I think it’s hilarious. I mean, has anyone else sat back and thought of the entire social media thang and how utterly silly it is?  Does anyone really want to know what you had for supper?  I saw someone posted a pic of their watermelon cake…………. I was totally revolted – I cannot STAND  watermelon, the thought of it makes me ill, so I hid the post before I barfed.

The rank idiocy goes like this :  “If you get upset on Facebook, go offline and only come back after having prayed”.  Ya right.  And exactly what is that going to accomplish?  Zilch. Someone is obviously still stuck in Roman Catholicism, and no-one else has it in them to challenge her error.

I know what I’ll do if I get upset – I’ll rant endlessly, after all, I even rant when I’m not upset lol.  Go on, make my day (wink).

It’s the place (fakebook) where rank idiots advertise their happiness.  I’m pretty certain ignorance is bliss, in fact knuckleheads seem to glory in their ignorance as well as relish in it.    I call it the knucklehead video effect, it comes from watching too many videos made by proof-texting knuckleheads who have a tendency to Bible blend, the other term for it is brain washing.

Knuckleheads are spiteful.  One minute they’re preaching good behaviour and the next minute they’re as spiteful as imps, just to try and “get to you”.  Dude, seriously, like I take you seriously? it is not I who will answer for you one day at the Judgment Seat of Christ, that’s if you do make it to the Judgment Seat of Christ – and that’s not being spiteful, it’s being direct and honest, adding and believing Romans 10:9 to the gospel of Christ is blending the Kingdom gospel with the grace gospel – it’s another gospel.

I go on to Fakebook to “stalk the happy people” because I have nothing better to do lol. Oi vey……….. if you only knew.  If you walked a mile in my shoes you would’ve ran away loooong ago.

Then you get those who’ve just plain “had enough” of me and inbox me to say………… What is YOUR scripture where Paul insulted others”.  Seriously?  MY scripture?  Dude, I don’t have any personal scripture, the only scripture I have are God’s words, and if you mean those I can give you plenty of scripture depicting the Apostle Paul calling a spade a spade and none whatsoever of him telling people to go offline when they’re upset, pray and then come back online and to suffer fools gladly.

Some have elected themselves to be the policemen of the Grace Movement, as in denominationalism, and they’re very good at diverting the attention of people off the subject being discussed, then everyone gets into a big, fat squabble about, “how someone was insulted” not about the doctrine being discussed.  Seriously dude, grow a thick skin, you’re going to have much more drama and insults during your tenure on this earth, and who really cares?  Build a bridge and get over it.

It’s the same old weak, insipid denominational “love” rearing it’s head.  People lie.  They tell strangers they love them, meanwhile back at the ranch they feel feathers because at the first sign of trouble they run away – so much for love…… so who are you trying to fool? But, but…. did you see how he behaved?   Love doesn’t keep a record of wrongs – 1 Corinthians 13.

While one is relishing his Starbucks coffee and making out as if it’s his last cup of coffee on this planet because it seems to be a big deal – he’s even posted a pic of it,wow, the other is totally neurotic about the corn syrup, cyanide and MSG it contains.  Oh, the drama, or should it rather be the petty drama.  I never knew a person could enjoy a cup of coffee so much until I signed up on Facebook,  before that it seemed that people ordered or made coffee and drank it – end of story – and went on to do other things.

Today it’s Facebook poetry.  What makes you think people are bored out there?  I can think of better things to do – write an article on a blog, read a good book, take the dog for a walk, stroke the cat, phone one’s sister and have a chat, go to gym, go hiking…….. preach the gospel to people face-to-face.

But hey, don’t quit on my behalf, I need a good laugh every now and then – I have a warped sense of humour after all.  I enjoy and am amazed out how some can wax lyrically about…………. a cup of coffee.

Make one wonder, if they had the same passion for sound Pauline doctrine things would be amazing.



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