This must be the worst deceiver of all

Personally, I am convinced that the worst kind of deceiver one can encounter or have the displeaure of meeting is a  person who “flies” under the banner of Mid-Acts Pauline Dispenstionalism, yet holds to born-again doctrine, and obviously denominationalism, and professes to be living a Christ-like life because he/she is on a total “plaak” (high) caused by religion and emotions.

They are one of the worst kinds to “get through to” concerning Pauline Mid-Acts Dispensational, Biblical truth because of the constant “high” they’re on.  They are the type who let their feelings and emotions judge their salvation and spiritual life, hence feeling good and “do-goody” attitude equates to being saved and living in another dimension.  One can only wonder where that dimension is because they’re currently living on this planet and their higher calling is to preach the gospel and see saints edified, so I’m not sure how they do that when they’re way yonder in cloud cuckoo land.  Beats me.

One’s feelings, emotions and “do-goody” attitude has absolutely nothing to do with whether one is saved or a good person, on the contrary, it has EVERYTHING to do with what Christ did for you and whether you have faith in His finished work on Calvary’s cross and resurrection alone.

When a so-called Mid-Acts Pauline Dispensatinalist posts denominational church garbage, professes to be a “Berean” or likens himself/herself to a Berean, it’s utterly barfable, but then again, some people have absolutely zero principles, they’d do anything for peace and a partner in life.

Enough said,.

Actually no :

I’d like to add that I find it all terribly shallow and sickening.

And that’s me being honest, so if you cannot handle it – stay off my blog.

The Apostle Paul said : “Not purloining, but shewing all good fidelity; that they may adorn the doctrine of God our Saviour in all things.”   Titus 2:10

Good fidelity – being faithful equates to adorning the doctrine of God our Saviour, Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the mystery revealed to the Apostle Paul.

2 Timothy 2:15. (Authorised King James Bible)


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