All God’s people? can live in unity? During this current dispensation….. really??

Those so-called Christians at Trump’s inauguration, including the man himself are Kingdom Now adherents.

Do good and the kingdom is yours, and not only that, but you will succeed and live a blessed life on this planet.  ??

It’s Replacement Theology, and it reads like this : because Israel rejected her Messiah (King), today’s Christians now replace her and claim her Covenant theology (old and new), forever.

“We are God’s people currently bringing in His kingdom on earth”.

It’s all about us.  Me, myself and I.   “Look what I’m doing to bring in God’s kingdom”.  Like He hasn’t got the power to do it Himself in His own time.

Matthew 5 which was read (from a perverted Bible version) at Trump’s inauguration is Israel’s Blue Print for the Millennial Kingdom, in other words, it’s still future.

The Song of Solomon is Israel’s relationship with God in times past – it’s Covenant theology.  No Gentile, unless they prostelyzed in times past could rightly claim Israel’s Old Covenant promises for themselves.

The Lord’s Prayer – The Little Flock’s prayer during the tribulation – which is still future.

Experience has taught me that Kingdom Now proponents (like those you see on TBN) also die of cancer or other diseases, have absolutely no peace of mind, are white sepulchres, i.e., their outerman holds to a thread of human decency (otherwise known as self-righteousness), but their innerman is rotten, meaning he is unsaved – they are outward looking and build the flesh instead of the innerman, and when it comes to the building of the outerman it is almost instantaneous, whereas building the innerman takes a life-time, besides, they are unable to build the innerman on Israel’s Covenant doctrine because they are devoid of the Unction.  It’s the same as hereticks in the Grace Movement trying to build the innerman – it’s futile as the innerman cannot be strengthened or built by heresies.  In a nutshell :  it’s pretentious.

Trump follows the agenda of the god of this world – building the kingdom now in utter futility.

I can’t believe there are actually Grace Believers out there who purport to be saved and state that their prayers were answered by the election of Donald Trump and that God made him POTUS.

I can’t believe there are actually Grace Believers out there who think that when Grace Believers preach heresies, that they have a different way of preaching the gospel.

Whatever happened to having high standards?

These are people who judge others for being unloving and they cannot even preach the truth, yet love is preaching the truth, and love is making sure you are preaching the truth, and love is not being conformed to this present evil world.

Sometimes I wonder.  No, actually I always wonder about these people and the only conclusion I ever come to is that they are in their comfort zone, i.e., one of low standards.

The opposite of courage isn’t cowardice, it’s conformity.  Even a dead fish can go with the flow.

Most want to be part of the crowd.  No-one likes to be ridiculed, especially not for their beliefs.


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