Matthew 24:34: Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.

This generation.

I remember trying to figure out which generation this was to be when I was an an unsaved Pentecostal pew warmer.

I read a myriad of religious books on the subject, including some of Tim La Haye’s Left Behind series to gain discernment concerning this particular verse, but to no avail.

Some so-called pastors who wrote some of the books I read tried very hard to confirm that our generation was THE generation who would see and experience “these things”, holding to the theory that we should look at the generation that was born at the time of its  (Israel’s) return to the land, i.e., 1948, so 1948 and onwards would be the generation in which this prophecy would come to pass. Is this the reason why a certain apostate christian stated that the tribulation would occur in 1988? That particular generation is now  almost 69 years old.

No doubt, I read these books and studied this particularly scripture in the early 1980’s – which was approximately 30 odd years after Ezekiel’s dry bones prophecy (Ezekiel 37) came to “fruition”, i.e., 1948……. yeah, right, and if you believe that, you’ll believe anything.  Ezekiel 37 is still future.  Those dry bones will only live again in the Tribulation period and thereafter.

I remember, I read and re-read that particular scripture for days on end and tried to make head or tail of it but to no avail. I was stumped.  It was a case of the blind leading the blind – only I tested their theories and didn’t find a suitable, concrete answer.

So here we are in the year 2017 and nothing remotely has happened to confirm we’re living in the time of the beginning of sorrows.

What the Lord Jesus Christ correctly stated is that it would be the generation alive at this particular time, i.e., the beginning of sorrows or the beginning of the tribulation period who would see and experience these things.

The moral of the story being : Do not read religious books to strengthen your innerman or to discern difficult scripture. One needs to read books and religious books to confirm what others believe and/or think on the subject at hand, that way you can discern what people believed/thought throughout the course of history and why, and why it matters and how it affects society and what it believes and how it reacts as a result of these beliefs.

I was yet a babe in Christ when I happened upon an e-book written by a so-called Mid-Acts Dispensationalist. It was an end-time story (tribulation period) much in line with Tim La Haye’s Left Behind series, and even as a newborn babe in Christ I remember being shocked by the author’s theory that even those who took the mark of the Beast during the Tribulation period could confess their sin and be saved in the end, and that there was no sin greater than God’s forgiveness, even during the tribulation, even though it flew in the face of scripture which clearly states that those taking the mark of the Beast in a future time will be damned for eternity.

That book brought me out of my naivete concerning the Grace Movement, to a certain degree, that is. After that I was never the same again, that and the utter control of a so-called Mid-Acts Dispensationalist perverted Bible believing Pastor whose followers thought the sun shone out of his nether regions.  I wasn’t impressed.

“And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day no night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.” Revelation 14.

When bringing this  up and questioning it in a certain “Berean” forum I was politely rebuked and basically told to shut up because it didn’t matter and to love, love, love, in other words, don’t think, shut your mouth and be happy.  Love to them means rolling over and playing dead, much like a fish in a gold fish bowl.  Ask no questions, hear no lies.  Don’t worry, be happy.

But did you know the man who sang the song, “Don’t worry, be happy” committed suicide soon after that song was recorded? Which confirms that one’s words do not have extra-sensory powers like some would say, “your words have power” – “speak life” (and then they get driven over by a bus…)


It (the mark of the Beast) might not matter in this current dispensation, but if you get things like that wrong, it means you do not understand God’s grace and/or dispensational changes. If you took the “mark” today, whatever it might be, irrespective of how devilish it is, no matter what Satanic symbol you have tattooed on your body, you could be forgiven if you believed Paul’s gospel and are saved, but not in times to come, that much is plain to see from scripture dispensationally discerned.

It goes without saying that same author eventually flew the coop and is now a full blown Acts 28er. So much for remaining faithful to Pauline doctrine. I see this in many instances in the so-called Grace Movement today, and it happens particularly to those who split the Gentiles into two groups, who eventually cannot see the wood for the trees when it comes to sound Pauline doctrine and so turn to full-blown Acts 28 theology, and believe me, there are many out there, and they’ll argue until the cows come home and beyond. They cannot see the progressiveness of Paul’s epistles – signs, wonders vs cessation of same, therefore they are unable to see the unfolding of the mystery during all of Paul’s 13 epistles. To some the entire mystery was revealed to Paul in one shot in Acts 9. I can only imagine how stressful that would’ve been if it were true. Some people take their sadistic theories and convey it onto others.

Then you get others who state you can “graduate” from “self-righteous school” and be perfect in 100 hours of study, whereas the Apostle Paul calls it a race, which inevitably lasts a lifetime. When did Paul state he had finished the race, that he had fought the good fight? In 2 Timothy – just before his death, when he knew that the entire mystery had been revealed to him. He had fulfilled his high calling. Death is the end. Paul didn’t state he had finished running the race anywhere in any of his pre-prison epistles. Paul knew it was time, that he had reached his “sell-by-date” on this planet.

A mystery had been exclusively revealed to him by the ascended Christ, yet he didn’t brag about being perfect in his pre-prison epistles (or even is prison epistles), in fact in Romans 7 he corroborated his “humanness” (for want of a better word).
It’s much the same as the knuckleheads who believe in a flat earth theory. Will any of them prove it to themselves by looking through a modern telescope at a Planetarium? No. Why? Because they might be disappointed or embarrassed by their own stupidity, as well as their myopic simple-mindedness of believing everything they read on the internet.

If Jack Sprat and his wife jumped into the fire, so would they, no questions asked. They are suspicious of almost everyone and everything. If you wear blue, you’re a Freemason, if you wear pink, you’re gay, if you wear green, you are a muslim, if you wear black, you’re a satanist. I guess that leaves us with red and yellow then……… oh but wait……. not so fast…. lol.

The one even stated, if you don’t believe in a “ridiculous flat earth theory, just think how ridiculous it is believing in a round earth where people live upside down” (at the bottom of the sphere). Strange, all I see is blue sky, and I don’t suffer from vertigo either, because upside down is actually on top, why? Because it’s round – think about it.  Truth is, we’re not totally upside down until we visit the South Pole.

2 Timothy 1:7 ~ “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

Also those who believe that more people are getting cancer today than times past, but all one really needs to do is look at the reality of the situation, there were fewer people on the planet in times past, together with the fact that they didn’t live very long either, like they do today, hence the reason why there weren’t so many incidences of cancer in those days. Cancer was recorded as being in existence in ancient Egypt in the times of the Pharaohs, why, even sharks get cancer – so is it because of their diet? Try telling a shark he cannot eat a “McDonalds Squib burger or a KFC Turtle ” because it will give him cancer (wink).

During Victorian times the average lifespan of a person was approximately 40 years – if that.  Today it is 80 – much more time to get cancer.  Suck it up, buttercup.

The main reason why we get cancer is because we live in a sin-cursed world in sin-cursed bodies. Obesity, smoking, frying oneself to a crisp in the sun too many times, and old age are the main reasons people get cancer, apart from the fact that it’s due to a fault in our DNA, hence the reason babies and toddlers also get cancer, even breast-fed babies.

Sin-cursed, and to think there are those with pathetic neurosis about certain diets which “prevent cancer” or “cure it” – but what will they say and do if they get cancer? Stay off the internet?

It’s much the same as adhering to Kosher dietary laws – it doesn’t mean a thang today. It’s the same as those who believe in reincarnation – they are unable to see that their theory is totally illogical. Example : How can 3 million people from times past be reincarnated into 7 billion people at present?    And what happens during a genocide?  Oops, there goes one’s chance of being reincarnated – you’ll have to come back as an ant instead, and then someone steps on you…..

So the ancient Egyptians ate too many KFC snake steaks, that’s why they got cancer – too many of those dang drive-thru’s  with their chariots. “Buddy, gimme a triple chocolate flavoured  asp milkshake”.   I can just picture it…..  and the Egyptian health freak standing there with his sign, written in hieroglyphics stating “SNAKE STEAKS ARE BAD FOR YOU, THEY GIVE YOU CANCER, REPENT OF YOUR BAD EATING HABITS!!!!”

Back to the drawing board : What are these things the Lord Jesus Christ spoke about in Matthew 24 that would be the beginning of sorrows and how do we know we aren’t living in the time of the beginning of sorrows?

He said there will be hatred and persecution for His name’s sake. In other words, all those who confess Christ to be the Son of God and their Messiah.

He said there would be betrayal – those of the same ilk (beliefs) will turn on one another.

He said there would be false prophets. There aren’t any prophets today because Israel is lo-ammi and her prophetic programme is in abeyance, so there cannot be any false prophets today, only hereticks.

It is a time when the branch of the fig tree is still yet tender – just sprouted, coming into being (Israel) and the summer (the Millennium Kingdom) is nigh.  Makes one wonder how current day “prophets” interpret the fig-tree?  1948’s version of Israel?

He states that no man knows the hour or the day this will occur, yet you get people today who try and date the tribulation, like some Mid-Acts Dispensationalists I know who say that we’re currently living in the time of the beginning of sorrows. Bible blending under the ruse of rightly dividing the word of truth.

He says just as in the time of Noah, so these days will be – people going about their EVERY DAY business,  with their everyday lives as usual, as if nothing bothers them – drinking, still going to pubs and bars, parties, marrying, probably having kids too, etc, just like they did before Noah boarded the Ark (going about their everyday lives and chores). This reflects their total unbelief. No fear, no preparation (what do I believe? Am I saved? What do I need to believe/do in order to be saved?).  What is happening around me and why?  What is God doing?    Where am I in the Bible?

Then he continues to talk about a catching away of saints – two in a field, one is taken away, and the other left. Two at a mill, one taken, the other left.  This isn’t the catching away of the body of Christ, it’s a rapture during the tribulation period. Read it for yourself in the book of Revelation.

He states too, that THIS kingdom gospel will be preached throughout the world unto all nations before the end comes.   That is the gospel that will be in effect during the Tribulation, not Paul’s grace gospel.  Compare 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 with Matthew, Mark, Luke & John.  Pull Paul’s epistles out of the Bible and the doctrine flows freely without contradictions.

He says that iniquity will abound in a dispensation where God requires good works (applying righteousness) to prove one’s faith during the tribulation, and that righteousness can be applied by way of blessing Israel (the Little Flock), protecting her, helping her escape persecution (if you’re a Gentile). Faith without works is dead during this dispensation which is part of the Millennium dispensation.

And that’s actually how simple it is to discern Matthew 24.



  1. JD says:

    Thank you for your commentary We all been there lost before Rightly Dividing the word of Truth
    Matthew 24 is a problem verse for many Just look at the insianity of rapture dates set from every September through October
    Nonetheless We are Ambassadors for Christ
    Thank you for making this blog available for all …..

    Liked by 1 person

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