Why are most people shocked when they hear that someone has died?

I mean, it’s the end result of every human being on this planet.

In our ignorance, do we not realise that some people die young, while others will die tragically.

Are we too busy with our “important” lives on this planet so as not to expect or think that people will die, some soon, some later?

Had a conversation recently with someone who stated that they aren’t worthy of going to heaven, but when they die, they want to set up a meeting with God to set the record straight.  Like they’re pompous enough to think God sets up appointments with lost sinners, and that He doesn’t realise their motives, not to mention that they’re still clothed in their own righteousness, not wanting to  believe the gospel of their salvation.

The Queen is already 90.  How much longer do you think she and Prince Phillip will be around?  She might have lived a good life, but with age comes heart failure, cancer or organ failure in general.  The heart, liver, kidneys and lungs can only work for so long before they are inclined to give in.

There are however people who live until the ripe age of 120 – they’re more the exception than the rule, and some of them drink moonshine, smoke and don’t exactly watch what they eat as most of them are too poor, most of them haven’t done any regimented form of exercise in their lives either.  I hope I’m not one of them – I personally think that living that long is pointless.  I don’t want to live to be more than 70 on this planet, in this world, and it has mainly got to do with the state of this world, ignorance and inanity being at the top of my list of things which totally annoy me.  Ignorance and inanity which equate to rank unbelief.

God is some peoples’ “happy button”.  Unhappy?  Press the “happy button” as God is just waiting on your praise, He can’t exist without it.

Most cannot bring themselves to believe something as simple as the gospel.  It’s a case scenario where something is far too simple to believe, “no, it cannot be that easy”.  They’d rather pay pennance, bloody themselves up, get hurt, remain confused, go on a life-long tangent trying to figure out what the gospel really is, and expect countless blessings for “praising His name”.  Want something?  Praise His name. Like God is totally ignorant and cannot see when He is being used.        Want to please Him?  Then behave.  He’s just waiting for you to “cleanse yourself” because Christ couldn’t do it for you on Calvary’s cross.

What an insult it must be to Him when people profess to speak in tongues, take Israel’s covenant promises for themselves, “heal the sick” and revive the dead.  Have you ever come across ONE person who has been resurrected from the dead?  No?  Nor have I.

It’s not easy knowing the truth, in fact it’s downright difficult in that you know where people are going when they die, and the majority of them are hell bound, even the so-called church-goers, even the ones who are currently being persecuted in the Middle East for their so-called Christian beliefs.  Only a fool will try and kid himself into thinking that most who call themselves Christian are heaven bound.  It’s difficult in that you don’t fit in anywhere in this world, most people think you’re totally crackers for believing what you do.  Some think you belong to a Cult, others think you’ve lost the plot and you don’t even believe the earth is flat or that your appliances are spying on you.

Would you as a Mid-Acts Dispensationalist trade your life for someone else’s who is rich, successful in this world, and lives an enchanted life?

I wouldn’t because my inheritance is far greater and supersedes anything they have or could imagine.  I’ll live eternity reconciled to God ion heavenly places.  Their glory is now, and in the flesh – short-lived.  My glory is eternal in the spirit, with a new body.


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