Why are those who believe in a works/performance based gospel so self-righteous?

Because they rely on themselves for their salvation, as well as to maintain their salvation.

Works/performance based gospel adherents are outward looking :  Look at everyone else’s bad works/ bad performance instead of their own.

So where do works/performance based gospel adherents draw the line?  They don’t, because everyone else out there falls short, isn’t perfect, and this makes them look good because they “don’t do any of what everyone else out there is doing”.

They trust in themselves.

Their own judgment (of their own “goodness”).

Their judgment of everyone else’s shortcomings (and no, we aren’t talking about doctrine, we’re talking about human behaviour, because to them it is all about behaviour).  Isn’t these the same people who post that it isn’t one’s belief that makes a person, but rather one’s behaviour?

Is it any wonder that those who believe Romans 10:9 to be part of Paul’s gospel for their salvation are some of the most self-righteous people out there, not to mention those who believe in a second salvation, i.e., a second blessing.  Either way, they’re working in order to receive or maintain God’s acceptance.

These people are normally the ones who have a warped view of scripture, they rip it out of context, proof-text and Bible blend to suit their man-made doctrine, in other words they make scripture fit their beliefs/heresies, instead of letting scripture change what they believe.   I seriously and sincerely question their behaviour.

And with that said, they’re usually some of the nicest people out there – very sociable, but experience has taught me that as good as they might be or seem, they can also be rather vicious, especially if you do not fall in line with their theories.

Your self-righteousness means absolutely nothing to God.  It’s His righteousness that counts.

Philippians 3:9 – read it.

And for those who are limited in grasping what I am saying, this has absolutely nothing to do with remaining faithful to sound Pauline doctrine during one’s tenure on this earth – every saved person should/must eventually come to the knowledge that they were created unto good works because they are in Christ Jesus as they mature spiritually and run the race – Ephesians 2:10.

Their line of thinking is :  If you don’t behave, you aren’t saved.

I rather ask what people believe is the good news that saves their souls before I look at their behaviour.


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