One can study to become a lawyer.

Like one can be saved when one has believed the Gospel of Christ.

But if one doesn’t complete one’s articles as a lawyer , one cannot by law practise as one (a lawyer),

so on the same footing, one can be saved, but if one doesn’t study to shew ONESELF approved unto God, it will affect one’s level of glory for eternity.

Do you think that if you misbehaved and believed/propagated garbage during your tenure on this earth that God is going to give you the same high level/standard of glory as He has given to someone who crucified their flesh and made really sure they believed and propagated sound doctrine, in other words, someone who was a WORKMAN, i.e., someone who actually WORKED at coming to the knowledge of the truth rightly divided, as opposed to pulling out some “pretty looking” article or video that sounds/sounded and looks/looked above board and thereafter waxed lyrically about it being really excellent?

I don’t think so.

Adhering to sound doctrine in accordance with Pauline truth rightly divided is a good work because it’s not part of your salvation – you’ve already been saved through faith in Christ’s finished work on Calvary’s Cross and His resurrection on the third day, thereafter, as a saved person you are created UNTO GOOD WORKS, and since you’ve been created unto good works and not bad works you have to think/work yourself to shew thyself approved unto God.

You work for a reward or rewards.

You receive salvation as a gift, because salvation is a gift of God.

And since you were created unto good works in Christ Jesus – that is your aim/high calling throughout your tenure on this earth, which includes preaching the gospel of Christ in order to see souls saved, the other good work is edifying the saints, as well as behaving like a good soldier, not a bad soldier.


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