I probably won’t be blogging that often anymore.

Reason:  My older sister and I are going to move to a new town and open up a business, actually two (small) businesses.

Since we’re both Geriatric and Blonde, we thought it would be great not to work for bosses anymore and rather choose the times/days we would prefer to work, and not get bored just sitting at home – by adding more variety to our lives, as we would like to go on road trips and walk along the beach before we’re too old to do so.

The area we will be moving to is known as the Garden Route, more specifically, the George, Knysna area.  It borders on the Tsitsikamma Forest and there are wild elephants in the forest which are different to the average African Elephant.  The sun sets around 9pm in summer – so long, hot summer days for two old ladies to look forward to and enjoy “retirement”, we can eat loads of seafood dishes too.

It’s amazing how many out there are too afraid to grow old disgracefully (only kidding).  I’m not scared of growing old, in fact I relish the thought because of the wisdom one gains with age, and the fact that one no longer cares what people think with respect to one being  a granny with pink hair (yes, my hair is pink) who is techno savvy and can still outwit most who are half my age, especially my son who hates competition, I’ve always got him thinking about things……  I indirectly challenge people, and most people do not like it….

I still get those sores/abscesses on my body, especially under my right arm, but I treat them with organic, virgin coconut oil which seems to kill the bacteria (staph) which causes them because I can no longer take antibiotics as I’ve almost built up a resistance to same.

I’m using mild baby soap on my skin because the soap I used to use now contains Benzyl Salicylate.  It’s impossible to cut out all salicylates from one’s diet – I tried once and I ended up getting cramps because excluding most veg and fruit from one’s diet cuts out potassium and magnesium, so you start getting major cramps in your feet and legs.  The joys of being allergic to aspirin…..

One thing I will always do not matter what, is take time to study the word of truth rightly divided – that goes without saying.

I have thought of living in another country, but the saying that once Africa is in your blood, it’s impossible to get rid of, rings very true.  I’ve been to the U.S, Canada and Holland and after a week I hankered back to the land of my birth and even kissed the ground upon arriving back.  The sunshine and climate in general has a lot to do with it, but it’s also the atmosphere and the culture – there’s nothing like an African sunset, there’s nothing like an African winter which is crisp and sunny and mild in comparison to North American and European winters, and there’s nothing like a highveld thunderstorm at the end of the day – the thunder, the lightning, the smell of rain in the air.  Go down to the local dam and you can hear the bullfrogs croaking away.

I won’t be able to live anywhere else.  I lived in Botswana for 7 years, desert country.  I have been to Swaziland and Namibia – beautiful countries, forest and desert respectively, and have grown to love desert conditions.  I love the sweltering heat which is a dry heat, there’s nothing like the sun baking down at 50C, sitting back and watching the sun set like a huge golden orange ball in the sky, slowly sinking below the horizon.

There’s no place like home where one can run around barefoot and lie on the grass and look up at the clouds and know this is the place where you belong – for now, that is – until your time on this earth is done.




7 thoughts on “IN A FEW MONTH’S TIME…

  1. Randy says:

    Wow! I read your blog and thought “good for you”. Sounds like you are going to ride off into that gigantic African sun set with you fishing rod and your sister in style! I have said before, I enjoy your blogs immensely and I will miss them just as much! I hope you all the best in your new ventures/retirement! I will miss you! 😘⚓❤ see you down the road!!


    • I’ll still be around, Randy – not going to get rid of me that easily, I just won’t be here as often as what I am “lately”. 🙂
      I mean, what would life be without tin foil hatters lol! (not you, those dang flat earthers who supply me with a good laugh!!)


  2. Randy says:

    That’s good to hear! I mean you still being around! I’ll be able to sleep now!! Lol!! There are several grace believing people on FB that share flat earth junk and as far as I can ascertain, they don’t spend anytime debunking it!! I’d like to hear more about your move and choice of work lol!!! Hope you have great day!!
    You can’t get rid of me that easily! Go have some bacon and eggs!!! 💤💤😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Great idea! The bacon and eggs. I’m into mushroom burgers lately – the ones with steak inside loaded with lots of mushroom sauce, with onion rings and chips (fries). I’ll tell you more about my endeavours after Saturday – that’s when we’ll be meeting to discuss everything. Then we’ll be taking a two week trip there to “go and check everything out”. The big move will probably only take place next summer which is around September – February.


  3. Randy says:

    That burger sounds really good!! I go to a local place called Cabo’s Bar and Grill…a really laid back place! The owner is an old surfer so he has boards hanging from the ceiling! I order a 1/2 lb angus burger stuffed with bleu cheese with lettuce tomato and smothered with sautéed mushrooms all on a sesame seed bun! With fries!! I get one about every month or so!!
    Your new plans sound very sound! I’m sure y’all will be successful in your endeavors!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That burger sounds really good….. !!!!! Just woken up now you made me hungry 🙂

      I think two heads are better than one, and my sister is very gifted in certain respects. I’ll only be helping – she has the ability and knowledge and I will balance the books.


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