A reasonable query

If tin foil hatters and flat earthers think that NASA is Nazi because a Nazi German went to work for them after WWII,  one man who made the entire NASA, Nazi……….. and who are now faking everything, pity they didn’t have photoshop and computer graphics in the 1940s, nor the 1950s, not to mention the 1960s, but we all know they must’ve used that white stuff to obliterate certain graphics they took of the planets, earth, the moon…….. then probably took a koki pen and drew in Jupiter, Mars, Saturn……..  you get my drift?

But whoever it is doing the faking, must be really good and consistent which totally contradicts human nature over the years…… pity that person has probably died with all the other Nazis from the 1940s………. but they probably trained other people to be just as consistent as them, taking into account that no-one at NASA comes to work with a hangover and can’t draw a curve, or puts Asia in the wrong place…….. Oh! there’s cloud cover today – we are blessed – hardly no work for us – we can go and discover another planet to draw…….

Seriously, telling everyone the earth is round when in fact it is flat is going to achieve what exactly?  What’s the point of lying about the shape of the earth and spending millions of dollars doing so – to “mind control” them?  Lolololololololololol.  I think it would be better to put the fear of Godzilla into everyone and tell them an asteroid is going to hit planet earth, crack the glass ceiling and then we’re all going to go down the proverbial toilet – there’s nothing like fear to get sheep standing in a straight line.

Soooo…….. what I’d like to know is how flat earthers and tin foil hatters perceive Albert Einstein who so happened to be a German Jew born in Germany, who also went to America before WWII to escape the Nazis and  whose brother founded Elektrotechnische Fabrik J. Einstein & Cie, a Munich-based company that manufactured electrical equipment.

For all we know Einstein could have been a German/Nazi spy……

Hit me up when you can find the appllicable tin foil hat conspiracy theory concerning Einstein and his family – I’m going to work now, I’ll need a good laugh on my return.



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