Do you think for one minute someone is going to believe  what you have to say otherwise if you believe the earth is flat / NASA is Nazi / no other planets exist / the sun is a disk / the North Pole sits in the centre of the earth surrounded by the South Pole / The earth is covered in a dome?

Try preaching the Gospel to them and see if they believe it……. they’ll in all likelihood think it’s just another tin foil hat consipiracy!

One is entitled to one’s opinions but the moment you state them as fact, you’re definitely on your way to the same place Alice went to and encountered the Mad-Hatter,hence the reason why I would never state the moon landings never happened as fact – what I think about them are my personal opinion.  And what does it matter in the big scheme of things – absolutely nothing.  Whether  politicians lie, whether governments lie, whether whoever lies – it doesn’t matter – in fact, find me a politician who doesn’t lie.

One,  as a saved member of the body of Christ isn’t and shouldn’t be conjoined to the affairs of this world anyway.  Believing the planets don’t exist, all the stars are angels, the earth doesn’t revolve on its axis ain’t gonna help your cause, not are these things going to score you rewards in heaven, nor are they going to give you a smoother ride to heaven either.  All they’re going to do is make you look like a knucklehead of note, and for some it’s far too late to back-track or back pedal. as they’ve just gone too far.

But I sincerely thank you for the laughs you have supplied and the fact that you think that NASA is Nazi, so does that mean that every Jew you encounter is an Atheist?   Does it mean that every African you come across is white or poor, starving and ignorant? and doesn’t know what a car looks like, not to mention a plane? Talk about putting people into boxes in your limited, narrow point of view…….

Time to surf the internet to gather information on how to build a bridge –  and get over yourself!  Seriously.

Ignorance is bliss to the ignorant, but it’s punishment to others, but I must confess it is a comedy to me, especially the part where the Rocket flies into the glass dome that covers the earth……. classic, but most of all, I like the way they state that the flat earth theory is Biblical fact, apart from being funny, it’s rather tragic.  They tell most other people they don’t know how to rightly divide the word of truth, but they themselves cannot read the Bible in context…….. I know, I know, weird, hey?



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