Spiritual strength and fleshly weakness

2 Corinthians 12:10 Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.

When the world was cruel and battered his flesh, he grew to rely/trust more on the Lord Jesus Christ and his spirit was strengthened by the hope of spending eternity in glory, reconciled to God, knowing this life is short-lived and the things of the world do no matter.

WE HAVE HOPE.  The vast majority today have absolutely no hope whatsoever, they live in fear of dying, of suffering, of getting disease, of being disabled, losing their salvation, not knowing how God operates today and wishing for the best.

For when I am weak, then I am strong: I know the bad things that happen to me during this life do not matter because the magnificence of eternity lies ahead, which puts life on this earth into its rightful perspective.

Politics do not matter

Religion does not matter

Saving the planet from climate change does not matter

What matters during this life is MAKING ALL MEN SEE by the preaching of the gospel of 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 in order for them to have the same hope as us.

Without hope men die, not only physically, but spiritually as they partake of the second death which is for eternity.




Most people live like there’s no tomorrow, meaning, there’s no eternity.

Their motto is :  “You only live once”.

No, we don’t live once.

We live twice, and most experience two deaths, i.e., their physical death when they depart this earth, and the second death, when they spend eternity in the Lake of Fire.

I don’t mind if people enjoy their “only life on this earth” – I have no problem with that, its just that they enjoy it as it’s their only life, that there’s no tomorrow.

I’d rather much suffer whilst on this earth and enjoy eternity in glory.  Why can’t people see this?  Life on this earth is about an average of 80 years.

And what do they do in that 80 years?  12 – 22 years are spent studying wordly wisdom to gain status in order to make money and live a normal life (remember it takes about 10 years to study to be a doctor, extra years to study for a PhD, a master’s degree, a doctorate + 12 years at school.

Then they go chasing after a partner or a partner chases them down, then they have babies and they go through the throes of a “normal” life, they spend their lives chasing after money, material possessions, traveling the world, etc, they grow old and retire and then the countdown begins to what?

To hell.

That unfortunately is the eternal disposition of most.

80 years spent chasing mammon, being tied up in religion (which doesn’t save men’s souls), living up to the Joneses, being pretentious, being “nice”, impressing others, and for what exactly?

To land up in hell for eternity.

People do not think, they follow “the leader”, they have herd mentality, in other words, “it’s true because my Pastor says so”, “the Pope is such a nice guy”, “did you see what Bennie Hinn did last night?  He healed x amount of people, how can you say bad things about him?”, “You must repent (do) in order to be saved” (because Christ’s finished work on Calvary’s cross surely isn’t enough to save your soul).  In other words, Jesus died for good people, for decent people – not for sinners.   After all, good people repent, good people live decent lives “pleasing to God”.

If we could please God by our own filthy works, there would’ve been no need for Christ’s finished work on Calvary’s Cross and His resurrection.

It saddens me when money is EVERYTHING to most people, when they say they are traveling to XYZ country, that they are enjoying themselves, when in reality, they are sad people, they have no fulfilment, they spend their lives getting rich and they cannot take it with them when they die.  It’s a life of futility, one they will regret for eternity.

That’s why certain Mid-Acts Dispensationalists annoy me.  They are under the impression that since they are saved, they can do anything, even behave like a troop of baboons.  Don’t know what a troop of baboons behaves like – check it out on You Tube.

No, you cannot behave like a moron because you are saved, on the contrary, you need to set the example for those that are without, i.e., unsaved people.

Liberty in Christ doesn’t mean swilling down 20 ales, beating someone up, living with your boyfriend/girlfriend and your number plate says, “saved by Grace” or “Mid-Acts” and you drive like an idiot.  No-one is going to take you seriously.  Instead, they’re going to take a photo of your number plate and post it on www. drives-like-a-chop.com.

It is difficult graduating from a heathen Gentile to a child of God (I’m not talking about salvation, but edification) – it takes time, but when someone has been saved for close on 20 years and still behaves like a total thug – it makes me wonder.

We also behave like real maroons on Fakebook – like our overseas holidays, our food, or our unique lifestyles mean something – it just gives the wrong impression, I know, I’m also guilty of this.  Anyone looking for the answer on how to be saved doesn’t want to know what brand of coffee you drink or how many times you eat out every week – in fact, it can be totally off-putting – ask me, I know.  I skipped over many maroons like that when I was looking for answers.

If you’re trying to impress a man with your cooking or baking – email him in private, after all, I think it’s rather pathetic and obvious how women advertise their skills:

“I can cook, bake, hey! I can even microwave – I’m good for you, I’ll make a good wifey”.

My take on it is : No-one ever married anyone for their cooking/baking skills, they married them because they loved them – for better or for worse.

I ain’t into impressing anyone.  That is why marriage is hard work – you’re supposed to compromise, not marry the perfect cook or baker or candlestick maker.

But anyway,  this is the reason why I don’t envy anyone – I know I am saved, I know what my future is, when they brag about their inheritance, I smile – none of it can compare to a heavenly inheritance in heavenly places.

My father has given me the best inheritance ever – no amount of travel, good lifestyle, etc can ever compare to that.

Now that’s boasting – in the Lord.  He gets all the glory.

Am I a peculiar people – you bet.