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Politically correct absurdity

The ban on plastic straws and having to obtain a burn permit (permission to burn dead branches and leaves – garden refuse – in one’s yard) at a ridiculous cost, and the simultaneous failure of governments worldwide to curb serious crime and illegal immigrants is a definite sign Agenda 21 is alive, well and upon us…. not to mention the utter ridiculousness of using drones to implement the aforementioned laws…..

the world has just got a whole lot crazier…. and human life a whole lot cheaper……

“don’t hurt the environment, but you’re welcome to do anything you want to humans, after all, there are over 7 billion of the “straw sucking, tree killing, planet destroying oxygen thieves….. far too many to make the world a sustainable place”…… who also so happen to be the pinnacle of God’s creation…..

We are closing in on the perilous times the Apostle Paul spoke of… next up, the banning of Christianity, especially if it does not toe the line and adapt its views according to the present politically correct 21st century insanity, which is guaranteed to get worse.

We are living in sign-less times with respect to Israel’s prophetic program being in abeyance, but concerning the signs that our society is becoming more and more absurd and sick by the day, we need to stand up and take note of what is happening around us for the following reason, as we do not live in a vacuum:

Ephesians 5:16
“Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.”

Colossians 4:5
“Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time.”

© Audrey Henry – 1 August 2018